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However, even if arrested, your benefits may not stop. If not convicted, your SSDI benefits will remain intact.

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However, it will depend on the sentence. If you are convicted but are simply fined or required to do community service, then you will be able to keep your SSDI benefits. In fact, the only way that you risk losing them is if you will be sentenced to time in jail.

Can You Get Disability If You've Been Convicted of a Felony Crime?

You may also continue collecting them on a monthly basis. Be that as it may, if you are in jail for more than 30 days, your benefits will be suspended. In fact, there have been many accounts of prisoners collecting SSDI benefits for much longer than 30 days. According to your agreement with the Social Security Administration, you must notify them if incarcerated.

Furthermore, you could face punishment which will most likely result in the termination of your SSDI benefits.

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You might think that the Social Security Administration may never find out about your incarceration. Nonetheless, the Social Security Administration actually has agreements in place with many prison systems.

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These agreements essentially require prisons to report any prisoners that they have found to be collecting SSDI payments well past their day incarceration period to the Social Security Administration. If you face a jail sentence for more than 30 days, one of your biggest concerns might include what will happen to your family that relies on your SSDI benefits to live.

For example, if your spouse was collecting their own payments from your account before your incarceration, then their benefits should continue while you are incarcerated. If your SSDI benefits become suspended, you may want to know whether you can begin collecting your benefits again after your release. Fortunately, as long as you remain disabled and incapable of working, you can have your SSDI benefits reinstated as soon as you are released from prison.

This means that you will not have to go through the process of re-applying for SSDI benefits. Which can be very time-consuming and which you will most likely be unable to afford to wait on. You need to contact the Social Security Administration and notify them of your release.

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This means that you will have to locate and contact your local Social Security Administration office in order to provide them with a copy of your release documents. Only then can they begin the process of reinstating your SSDI benefits. Benefits arrive on the first of each month. Turn on more accessible mode.

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Will I lose my disability when I go to prison or jail?

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Benefit to released prisoners. Conditions of entitlement to benefit You were in prison or in detention for at least 6 full and consecutive months. You submitted a claim for income support benefit in the month of your release or in the following month.