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ITS Helpdesk Phone: Intended Audience This Quicknote is for the benefit of faculty, staff and students. Click File on the top left. Click Info on the left it may be selected already. Click the Account Settings drop-down and click Account Settings. Click the Data Files tab.

Repair Corrupt Outlook PST files with Inbox Repair Tool

Click Add. Choose the desired save location and name the file. Click OK. Click File. Click Open Outlook Data File. A dialog box will appear, choose the location of the saved Personal Folder.

Locating Within Windows

Warning - The file must be a. Select the file and click OK. The Personal Folder will now appear in your folder list. Select Export to a file. Select Outlook Data File. Select the folder you would like to backup. If the folder contains a subfolder and you would like to back those up as well, make sure the checkbox is selected for "Include subfolders" and click Next. Choose the desired save location for the backup. Click Finish. Optionally you can create a password for this file. Your data is now backed up into a Personal Folder. Click Options. Make sure that your Outlook program is up to date. The updates are done centrally through the Windows update.

To decipher whether this is the case, check for available updates. Some third parties have developed add-ons that can be integrated into the Outlook program. To resolve this inconsistency, you should disable any third-party tools that you install later. If the add-on was the reason for the Outlook search function not working, it should now work.

Outlook has an index that is structured like a data catalogue.

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  5. It combines all important terms in saved e-mails. This allows users to find specific messages just by entering a search term. To find out whether this is the case for you, you need to check the indexing options. To do this, proceed as follows:. In addition to e-mails, this also includes appointments, contacts, or notes. The program manages and stores all data in the PST file like a virtual filing cabinet. Outlook requires at least one PST file , but can easily separate several of these files.

    For example, if the user distinguishes between private and business e-mails , Outlook creates two different PST files in its index. If you suspect that one of these files has become corrupted, you will need a tool to repair your inbox. Outlook has already integrated the scanpst. It detects whether a PST file is damaged and then repairs it. The following steps will help you repair a PST file :. In some cases, however, scanpst. This process takes some time and is not intended for short-term problem solving. If you need your computer to work immediately, you should do this at a later time.

    Every Microsoft Windows PC has a registry. It stores all data on the existing operating system and the programs installed on it. The individual programs know how to react to commands thanks to the registry.

    It also includes instructions for programs to start automatically when you boot your PC. The registry also contains notes for recently-opened files within a program. The next time you start the program, you can access it again. There are sometimes errors or incorrect information in the registry, resulting in certain programs now starting or working correctly.

    If your Outlook search function is returning no matches found, it may be due to incorrect registry information. It is recommended that only administrators or experienced computer users make changes to the registry, since cleaning the registry automatically resets Outlook. Incorrect entries can cause more problems with PC software. It is also advisable to make a backup copy before making any changes to the registry.

    Resetting Outlook manually is the final resort before reinstalling the program.

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    To delete registry entries for your Outlook program, open the registry first:. Select the appropriate path for your software in the database. For newer versions like Outlook and , replace Delete this registry key. Then restart your PC. The Outlook search should work fine again.


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    If not, then the only solution left it to uninstall and reinstall the program on your computer. When uninstalling the program, proceed like you are repairing it. You will then see a list of individual associated programs. When the uninstallation is complete, close the window and restart the computer. Usually, a defective Navigation Pane, outdated add-ins, or a profile in need of repair are at fault.

    Even with issues lacking clearly Since this problem can have various causes, even more possible solutions exist, some of which you The Outlook address book is an important tool for many computer users who regularly send and receive messages via Microsoft's e-mail service. To restore the contact list from a backup file after a version change or data loss, or simply to add new contact information, there is this import function.

    We'll show you how to easily import Outlook contacts to update your address book.

    Use Search Folders to find messages or other Outlook items - Outlook

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    Delete a Search Folder

    The Outlook search function no longer works: typical problems Not all Outlook search issues are made equal.